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Print Quality Guide


Simply Canvas Art Quality Guide

As all Canvas prints are handmade items, the end result can differ greatly. It takes years of experience to print and manufacture high quality canvas art. This quick guide will inform you of all the important facts.

Printing Process

The best canvas art available on the market today is printed using inkjet technology, The more colours used in the printing process the higher the level of detail and contrast can be achieved. This process is commonly called Giclée. Other methods include dye-sublimation and solvent, which generally offer less-vivid colour and durability.

Image resolution

A print can only be as good as the source it is printed from - the industry standard is 300 dpi which is used in all professional media. So a resolution of 300 dpi onto a fine grade canvas will produce the highest level of detail.

Life Span Of Canvas Art Prints

The latest Ultra chrome UV inks provide enhanced lightfastness and durability over Dye-based inks. UV inks contain light stabilisers and under right conditions can keep prints looking new for anything up to 200+ years.

The Canvas

Canvas quality can vary greatly from different manufactures. A vivid bright white surface is the best medium as this does not effect or degrade any of the colours being printed and delivers the most vivid results with depth and contrast.


The most important aspects of the printing process is colour management; which involves the calibration of printers and monitors, so that the end result matches with the image displayed on our website. This can only be achieved with specialist technology such as a Spectrophotometer. This carefully measure the densities in each area of the colour spectrum and calibrates the printing system.

Monitor settings can give very different results and totally change the look and feel of images displayed on the web. It is worth checking your monitor is not over contrasted and the colour balance is set to normal.

The Frame

The ideal frame for canvas prints is Kiln dried wood as it is light weight and does not warp with heat. As all the moisture has already been removed, this provides for the most stable frame choice.

Display Choice

All of our canvas art comes gallery wrapped which means the image is stretched around the edges of the frame to create a seamless museum quality finish.

Thank you for shopping with us, we hope this has been useful information to you.

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