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You will notice that we have made some big changes to our website in the last few weeks. We feel that these changes are important for our customers to ensure there is a pleasant and safer shopping experience. We have added thousands of new products to our shop that we know ...

We have new products!

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We have thousands of new products at simply canvas art. Check out our Framed Prints, Acrylic Prints and posters. You will find that shopping is easy and convenient. Simply choose any design you like and you’ll be able to see that we do it in every product type we do! T...

Our New Acrylic Art

All New Acrylic Art

Have you seen our new Acrylic Art Prints? Acrylics are one of the largest growing Wall Art trends in the world right now. We’re so proud to present to you our fantastic new range of acrylic wall art. Currently available in two sizes, A3 and A4, an Acrylic print is sure to be the...

Laminar Flow Vs Chaos Theory
The uncontrollable behavior of a simple system can play a role as a inspiring process. It can create intricacy. In this manner complex systems can emerge from simple systems and progress can emerge directly from pandemonium.
The Future Of Large Canvas Art
The Internet has raised new possibilities for art, music, literature, and film simply by streamlining familiar activities.
How To Maintain Your Canvas Prints

Out of the light
Try not to hang pictures directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours paper. Special UV-coated glass can help to slow this down. The Fine Art Trade Guild has set industry-wide standards for printing and framing materials. Ask your framer about the ways in...

London 2012 On Canvas
Its time for celebration, The Queen's celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics are coming to the city of London. 2012 is a very busy year for England, the celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee are on-going and it's only 44 days till the start of the Olympics.
The Future Of Canvas Prints
We are all affected by the world around us along with the leading lights who have made our taste what it is now. None of us survive free from external stimulus as much as we think we are all individual. No more than a step backwards to add perspective is necessary to make out 70’s fashion or music from the 80’s for example.
Banksy And His Impact On The Art World
A lot of people think of artwork as a way of passing on desires, and not usually language, the means by which we state beliefs. Regardless of the line there is distinguishing art and language, Banksy canvas art paints over it to see it fade away, then covertly repaints it in the weirdest of places.
The First Painting Of The Sun
The history of humanity's depiction of the sun is a sustained and glorious one dating back thousands of years. Nowadays it is nothing special to have sunset canvas art in your home, but why do people find them so interesting?
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