Outsider Art On Canvas

Outsider Art On Canvas

With the creation of modern canvas art that resembles nothing, lots of people make their life complete by collecting contemporary painting from new painters, or 'outsider art' as it has become known.

Seeing that the fashion for contemporary abstract canvas art grew many people started buying canvas prints of some classic abstract pieces of art.

The techniques of abstract artists have continued growing over the years, and have reached extraordinary sales. With many artists learning the secret of artwork that looks like nothing and yet makes us feel a great deal.

Despite the numerous critics of modern art styles there is one important aspect that distances truly awful painting from outsider art. The outsider never tries to out-Picasso Picasso, but to paint honestly, however the painter who produces truly terrible art is deluded.

I'm sure there are artists out there convinced that if the masters were alive to see the homage paid to them they would sob with delight, and declare their work done.

Embracing bad painting and appreciating it in a way gives you the real freedom to view artwork and be absolutely candid regarding your beliefs with no apprehension of seeming like you do not know anything about art.

The defining feature of whether such new abstract imagery is really inspired or clearly self-indulgent is the level of pretension. If the general public are told to suppose that a canvas picture has worth simply due to the meaning that the artist places in it we leave ourselves open to collecting art lacking in real credibilty.

Followers of the Museum of Bad Art encourage the public to drop by their museums and the art exhibits in the area, and be active about what they think in relation to the work they see. There is no inherent need to feel as if every part of artwork deserves our reverence.

I propose that if the artist was driven by the need to create, as opposed to the longing to make a profit, then the artwork is valuable although not necessarily ‘good’.

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